twins baby cot bed Twins baby cot bed

Follow Mandy's solutions to sort out this double trouble! Are your twins playing up at bedtime?

twins baby cot bed Twins baby cot bed

Follow the advice of Mandy Gurney, from the Millpond Sleep Clinic, and hopefully these problems will soon be sorted out. My twins, Sally and Andrew have just turned three. They have been in a bedtime routine since birth and still are. Both of them sleep in the same room.

twins baby cot bed Twins baby cot bed

Since we moved them from cots to beds last October, Andrew will not go to bed. Eventually he got his ten stars and we went to the toyshop to get his present, which he chose. After that he was not bothered. And if we ask him to go to bed he says "no".

No schedule means no life for you. What are the best baby cot mattresses on the market? Foam cot mattresses are usually the cheapest and lightest option.

If he does go to bed and sleep on time, then we do praise him in the morning. The only way that he will go to bed sometimes is if he is in our bed and my husband lays with him.

This is now starting to affect Sally as she will not go to bed, because she wants to be with him. Ideally I would like him in bed by 8pm.

Try not to be too anxious about his bedtime behaviour, without meaning to, you may be giving too much time to this activity e.

You also need to take another look at his bedtime routine. You say that the twins have been in this routine since they were babies. It may be time to re-visit it. I always say that you cannot make a child sleep, but you can create the right environment for sleep.

You need to stick to a short, quiet and focussed bedtime routine. A warm bath which helps with the production of melatonin to make him drowsy must only take five minutes, and very importantly not get too lively.

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  • Read one story, and dim the lights which also helps with the production of melatonin. Before you start do a sleep diary to get an idea of when his natural sleep time is. Aim to say goodnight by 8. At 3, children need around 12 hours at night without any sleep in the day. Make sure Andrew's not napping too much in the day. Both my twins are causing problems I have two-and-a-half year-old twin boys who are taking an hour or more to fall asleep at night.

    I work, so when I get in, it is time to cook dinner, eat and then bath time. The boys and their big sister who is 5 watch a bit of educational TV and then at 7. The boys have a bottle in bed, big sister goes to bed and is asleep within five minutes bliss I know -she is very good at sleeping. The bottles are collected, then the boys play, sing, talk and do whatever else they can do to annoy me or delay going to sleep.

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  • By the time bedtime comes around I am so tired and can't lay down to read stories etc - I am a single mum and working most days of the week and at home it is busy, busy busy.

    The boys are in daycare throughout my work day and we have reduced their day time nap to a maximum of one hour. They are just so full of energy all the time - from the moment they wake at 6am until when they finally fall asleep about 9. This leaves no time for me really. I really need some help with ideas that will help with getting the boys to go to sleep in a shorter time frame. Short of putting them in separate rooms which I don't have the luxury to do , I have no idea what else to do - Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

    In general, I find that most settling problems are caused by lively bedtime routines that take too long and are not focussed enough. My programme should teach children to fall asleep within 15 minutes of being put to bed. Keep a diary to find out the natural sleep time for your boys, however late it is.

    View our Let Us Sleep nursery department for twin cots and nursery accessories. Now last night we took the first step and we moved them into their own room. If you have the space, you can get away with using traditional cribs for your twins.

    You currently state that it is 9. Have quiet play before this. Aim to settle the twins in bed by 9. Then, after a week, move the whole process earlier by 15 minutes. Repeat this until the twins are going to bed by 7. Make sure you wake them every morning even at week ends by 7. This is a very successful sleep technique, even though to begin with, parents are sometimes shocked with how late you start putting the children to bed.

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