affordable baby cots Affordable baby cots

Most parents-to-be see it as a challenge since they do not fully understand which baby furniture items is the most necessary and subsequently need to be bought first and foremost. Parents doing some research might be pleasantly surprised that baby furniture stores such as Baby Furniture Direct offer great specials on a continuous basis. All of our previous customers will tell you that they purchased their nursery furniture items from us due to the high quality standards we try to maintain on all of our products.

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  • We believe that baby furniture needs to be safe, comfortable, and also meet the various requirements that your baby might have. This means that if you decide to have more children in future, you need not buy any other nursery items but simply re-use what you already have. As soon as the pieces are sorted, you can complete the rest of the nursery.

    affordable baby cots Affordable baby cots

    The style, color, and theme of the nursery can be centered according to the items already purchased. The same applies to the baby furniture accessories.

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    Your options are basically endless. There is a huge difference between affordable and cheap baby furniture Just because our baby furniture range is affordable, it does not make it cheap. To some, the phrase cheap baby furniture does have a negative side to it.

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  • People tend to look at cheaper products as low quality and therefore low cost. This is definitely not the case with our range of furniture.

    We simply refuse to compromise on quality. The baby nursery furniture industry is very competitive in South Africa. Competitors cut back on the margins up to a stage where they have to compromise on quality.

    We believe in supplying only the best quality furniture sets at affordable rates.

    It is a traditional crib with a firm mattress, with no drop sides or wide gaps between slats. In , the United States banned the sale of drop-side cribs amid safety concerns, as babies could get trapped - sometimes fatally - in the gaps created if the drop sides came loose. Dr Petrina Wong, a paediatric consultant at KK Women's and Children's Hospital, said the American Academy of Paediatrics has no guidelines on the use of co-sleeping products as there is a lack of evidence on their effect on sudden infant death syndrome or the risk of unintentional injury and death from suffocation.

    Why turn to an auction or get it second hand when you can get brand new nursery furniture at a rate that will suit your pocket. Come and see for yourself. Also keep your eye on our baby furniture specials page.

    Where to find modern baby furniture stores in Gauteng In this modern day and age, we understand the trend that mom's and dad's want to add a modern touch to their coming baby's nursery.

    If you have been shopping around, please make sure to add our modern baby furniture range to your shopping mix. We give you various options from our standard Baby Furniture Direct range to the well known Stokke range. After having a look online, visit our showroom in Sandton, Gauteng for a real time view of our thoughtfully selected range.

    affordable baby cots Affordable baby cots

    Here you can get timeless, modern nursery furniture for less. Designer baby furniture outlets With options between dark wood and white finish, our designer baby furniture range will add a stylish touch to your baby nursery. If you have a beautiful and modern home, add your individuality and style to your nursery so that it will compliment the other rooms of your house. Stokke offers a range of contemporary cots that is worth looking at.

    Shop and compare to find the best nursery furniture set collections From cots, cribs, beds, compactums, changing tables, rocking gliders and more. We are also suppliers of other baby furniture set accessories like strollers single and twin , carry cots, sleeping bags, pram packs and storage units. Have a look at our video on Youtube. Product pictures are also available on Flickr. The rocker was just delivered and assembled.

    Elaine I have collected the Stokke products this morning. Thanks for the good service and help. Erich Thank you for your good service and for always phoning me back.



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