cot bed mattress ebay Cot bed mattress ebay

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That means in their tot's first 12 months, exhausted mums and dads will sleep 59 per cent less than the recommended eight hours a night, losing the equivalent of 50 nights of kip. However, where a baby mattress is concerned, is it really worth saving a few pounds, not knowing what your baby will be sleeping on? Well, I was shocked to say the least.

Does this fit mamas and papas willow cot? Abs Hello Abs, Our supplier has advised: Thank you for using Argos Q and A.

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  • Beth argos Mattress size Does this mattress size fit the mamas and papas harrow cot bed that can be bought on here? I can not find the Mamas and Papas Harrow cot bed on our web site to give you an informed answer about suitability.

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  • Dave argos Would this fit the Roco cot? Would this mattress fit the Argos Roco cot?

    I am in the business of manufacturing and selling baby mattresses. There are items available.

    I hope this helps! Amy Argos Please can you tell me if this matress is suitable for all cot beds? Or just mama and papas,as it states by 69 and my cot bed requires by 70 other branded cot bed From: Mumm1 Hello, It is recommended that there is no space between the edges of the mattress and the sides of the cot, so for a x 70 cot you would require a x 70 mattress, so not to leave any gaps.

    cot bed mattress ebay Cot bed mattress ebay

    Lib22 Cot beds are a standard size - this is the right size but would recommend having a sprung mattress not a foam and NOT this one it's as thin as a biscuit!!! Lizzie Is this mattress suitable with the heart sensor pad underneath it?

    Frogmella Hi, thank you for your question. I would advise you to find out what specifications mattresses that are suitable have before making your purchase. Argoshelpers52 Does this mattress fit the Mamas and Papas travel cot? Carole Hi, thank you for your question.

    There is a padded mattress supplied with the travel cot that covers the full length. Thank you for using Question and Answer.

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