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As you know, my beloved little sister Lucy is having a baby!

leander cot bed ebay Leander cot bed ebay

So I get to completely let out any cluckiness I may or may not be feeling on her little bebe that is due at the start of December. And I sometimes have the answers, but I am quickly realising that even though I have a kid who is 4 I am completely out of the loop on all the things that are now cool for kids.

We bought the cheapest pram we could find in Babies Galore that lasted both kids, a couple of OS holidays from the minute they were born to about 3 years old. It would appear I am completely useless.

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  • But I know that you guys are not useless that is. Some of you have JUST had babies! Some of you are having babies too and are in the throws of researching everything. Blogging about Mummy stuff. If you are an expert on any of these areas, you go right ahead and expert the shit out of it.

    Prams Back in MY day…they Bugaboo was the bee knees. I bet they still are! Should she get one with a bassinet attachment? Is that even a good option? What will last the longest from newborn to whenever they move into something bigger? Cots Are those cots with the plastic sides for real? What about those oval ones? Change tables Have these moved with the times or are they still just what they always were?

    What essential things does she need in the change table?

    But I know that you guys are not useless that is. Stokke — — The Junior extension is not included in the price, but needs to be bought separately.

    Does anyone have baby wipe warmers? Wraps Poor Daise was wrapped tightly like a little kebab in flannel or muslim wraps but Harps was old enough to experience those little zipped up wraps that cover their hands like wings. Carriers As I said we used an old Baby Bjorn but I think there are different kinds now on the market.

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  • Other stuff Baby baths — are they still a thing? Worth it or just get something to whack in the bottom of the bath? Or will the laundry tub do the trick? Nappies — cloth or disposable?!

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    Are video monitors something worth going for? What are some great new products on the market? Are those breastfeeding pillows still worth getting? Do you still sterilise bottles? What bottles are good? A very good sense of humour. An ability to let go.

    leander cot bed ebay Leander cot bed ebay

    A strong bond with your partner. And the rest you just figure out along the way because really, we are all as clueless as each other when they let you leave that hospital with your first born in your arms.

    The most thrilling and frightening and wonderful adventure you will ever undertake. OK, enough of that stuff. I know Luce will be forever grateful.



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