bed cot online chennai Bed cot online chennai
Therefore, it is imperative for the hospitals to bring in every facility to provide efficient treatment and ensuring the comfort of the ailing patient also. Whatever your mattress requirement is, we have a product offering matching it. One thing that I like the most about this bed is that it has sufficient storage space and smooth pull out mechanism.

The shape of the human body is kind of an S-shape but the sleeping surfaces are generally flat be it latex, spring, coir or a memory foam mattress. Let us consider a human of average weight of 75 Kg sleeping on the mattress.

bed cot online chennai Bed cot online chennai

If the mattress is firm generally coir, latex or bonnel spring mattresses , the body while lying on the mattress will distribute this 75 Kg of weight on about 10 major points e. That means, approximately 7 Kg of body weight will be borne on each of these points - leading to blood clots and thus hampering smooth blood flow.

One of the main reasons why we toss and turn frequently, resulting in disturbed sleep at night is this hampered blood flow.

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A memory foam mattress, given its nature, takes the S-shape of the body, thus distributing the body weight across thousands of points, uniformly across the body. This is why a good quality memory foam mattress, with excellent fabric will result in deep and restful sleep. We are among the select few who manufacture and sell memory foam mattress online in India - with the perfect thickness, optimal density and fine cotton fabric to sleep on.

In addition to finding a memory foam mattress, you need to also need to complement it with the right memory foam pillow in India that provides the perfect support for the neck. The right pillow is one that provides support as well as a cushioning effect in the right proportions. Also, a good pillow is covered with anti-allergic fabric to avoid dust mites and other harmful things that can cause allergies and breathing problems. Spring mattress will provide support to your back but non-uniformly.

A hard mattress does not provide back support at all 2. Spring and Hard mattress will lead to development of blood clots - you might awaken sometime in the middle of the night feeling uneasiness due to this 3. Hard mattresses don't breathe at all - your body will sweat and it is unhygienic 4. Remember those squeaking noises from old bikes - Spring mattress will start making similar noises after being in use for a while 5.

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  • Spring and hard mattress will lose their shape in a few months and hence become universally uncomfortable You can buy Single, Queen or a King size orthopedic memory foam mattress online in India. We manufacture all our mattresses in Bangalore and ship them all across India through our logistics courier partners.

    From the time the mattress is ordered, dispatched and till you are satisfied using it, we will keep in touch with you through phone calls, emails and even Whatsapp only if you allow it. Basically, we will keep on updating you while the mattress is being manufactured, dispatched and in transit through different parts of the country with information on date of delivery and instructions to use the mattress properly.

    It doesn't stop there - we will call you to help you understand the orthopedic memory foam mattress and expectations from it in different weeks of usage.

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  • Rest assured that we will make sure that ours is definitely the one worth buying, whether it is a Single, Queen or King size orthopedic memory foam mattress online in India.



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