cot bed bed guard uk Cot bed bed guard uk

Jasmine Hi Jasmine, I have looked into this and 2 can be used together. Laura argos If I buy 2 would I be able to put 1 on both sides of a cot bed?

Asqui Hi Yes you can use 2 on a cot bed.

It fits mattresses between 70cm and 90cm which is cot bed size to single bed size. The single bed that we have for her is much taller than her cot bed and a bit taller than a standard single bed as it has a storage cupboard underneath to one side and room for large boxes on the other. Easily secured with an adjustable base plate that fits under the legs or wheels of a bed.

Alice argos Will this fit on a double divan bed our little one co sleeps in the morning and I don't want her at risk of falling? MilliesMommy Hi there, Having checked the bed rail will not fit a double bed. The straps fit on beds Lcmcm by W75cmcm. I hope this helps. Pat Argos How long are the poles that go under mattress? Jean Hi, The length of the pole under the mattress is around mm. Kell To fit an adult bed Does this product fit an adults bed?

I co-sleep with my baby and just want something to protect him from falling out. We did have a next to me crib but have taken it down due to lack of space. Rosebud Hi Rosebud, Though the BabyStart Bed Rail will fit under the mattress of an adult bed the straps to secure it will not reach due to the width so it is not recommended.

Hope this helps By: Mal Argos Would this work for a king bed?

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  • Charlene Hi there, This fits beds Lcmcm by W75cmcm. Hollie Do the arms of this bed rail slide under mattress of a divan bed From: Jane argos Hi there can anyone please tell if this will fit a double bed? Louise Hi Louise This item is suitable for a bed length between cm and a standard double bed is cm so yes it will fit a double bed Hope this helps By: Samm How does the bed rail fit onto a double bed I purchased this bed rail after reading a previous question that was answered by yourself.

    Argos confirmed that this would fit a double bed but since buying the product i don't have a clue how? Please can i be sent instructions on this? The manufacturers do not supply any additional instructions for fitting other than those that came with it. Jenn No this will not fit a double bed.

    The straps that are supposed to go from one side of the mattress to the other are not long enough. Not happy that Argos said it would fit and now I have purchased and tried it that it doesn't fit. This Will probably fit a single bed only. Katie Suitable for Midsleeper??? Would this fit on a midsleeper?

    We would just be happier having that extra bit of height that a bed guard could provide. MrsMagooh Hi As this bed rail has to be attached under the mattress, we would not recommend using it on a Midsleeper side.

    Jess argos Is the bed guard suitable to use on metal framed bunk beds? Kerrya Hi as long as it can meet the below two conditions, it is ok to use the bedrail: Jan argos What is the weight of the safety rail. Is it suitable to fold up and put in a suitcase for flying abroad From: Lolo HI Lolo, The weight of the safety rail is 1.

    Yes, the BabyStart Bed Rail is foldable. Jane argos Can this be used on a cot bed?

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    Joanna Is it good for keepin children stayin in bed Just wonderd if these were good to keep. Dani Hi Dani, This product is designed to prevent accidental falls from the bed. It will not act as a substitute for a cot. Andrew argos Can this be used for a. Dave argos Does this fit on metal bed frame?

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  • I have metal bed frame and was wondering if this would fit on it or not before I make a purchase. Becky argos How small will this fold down to for packing in a suitcase From: Dave argos Does this bedrail fit double bed From: Thank you for using Question and Answer. Rob argos Can the bed rail be used fof adults From: Spurs23 Hi there, I have looked into this and can advise that this rail can be used by adults.

    cot bed bed guard uk Cot bed bed guard uk

    Dan argos Can this be used on a metal frame with metal slats? Rebecca Hi there, I can advise that this bed rail would not be suitable for use on a metal bed with metal slats.

    Danny argos Will this bed fit the Mia single bed frame? Dave argos Opening rail Can this rail be set to open from either left or right side or does it only open on left side? Damon Hi there, I can confirm that this does not open from the left or the right, it opens down.

    Phil Argos Is this suitable for a day bed with spring base?

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  • Sharon Hi there, I can confirm that this is suitable for a day bed. Phil Argos Compatibility with your beds range Would the guards be compatible with the likes of your Shelby shorty beech cabin bed. Candice Hi there, I can confirm that this bed rail is not suitable for use with a cabin bed.

    Adam Argos How does the folding mechanism work? I can fold it out of the bed but I can not found the way to fold it when is installed From: I can confirm that step 5 on page 5 in the manual states the folding method. Alicia Argos Can this guard be used on a kingsize bed From: Mel Argos Will this fit a double bed From: Argos Helper No it won't, ignore the other answer By: Hi We wish to use this in a caravan where the width of the bed is less than 2 feet, will the struts that go under the mattress fit?

    Jim P Hi there, I can confirm that this bed rail is suitable for beds with a length of cm to cm and a width 75cm to 90cm.

    Adam Argos Bed with lip We have a slatted base cot bed with a slight lip around the mattress. Will the safety guard still fold down properly without lifting the mattress up? Charlie Argos Will this fit a cot bed? Jenna Hi Jenna, I can confirm that this bed rail will fits beds with the following dimensions.

    Adam Argos Fitting with bed frames? Will this bed guard fit a bed frame where the mattress sits inside an L shaped bed frame? If this item does not suit your needs, it can be returned under our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

    Katie argos No not suitable. I had to take mine back for a replacement.



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