cot bed reviews 2015 Cot bed reviews 2015

It was quick and easy to put together and pull apart you don't PUSH the buttons in to disassemble, simply hold the frame and pull the legs off and they come off without too much effort.

Silk Bedding Direct also have a Winter sale on at the moment and many of their duvets are half price. Being able to put the portacot inside a suitcase instead of it being an extra piece of luggage seems like it would make things a little be easier. The cotbed mattress is recommended for a maximum child weight of 22kg which is well above what I expect Holly to be by the time she outgrows her cotbed.

Moving from apartments to houses to hotels, it's nice to know she has a safe, familiar space she can call her own. Like all babies, she is obsessed with electrical sockets, cables, glass, plastic bags, and flick-knives, so it's awesome to know we can put her in a safe and comfy little baby-jail when we have to concentrate on something else. I struggled a little attaching the self-expanding thermally insulating mattress to the four hooks along the bottom, but I definitely appreciate the safety factor of the hooks.

We've put her wahakura in there and now it's become a kind of baby bolt-hole. It even goes across the road to Nana's when the parents have decided to take back the night for themselves. Most animal babies know when to go to sleep, they just feel tired and curl up and go to sleep with little fuss. Look at puppies or kittens. You don't see a baby tiger saying "I'm exhausted but don't have any concept of shutting up and going to sleep so I'll just stand here and scream! I hate you guys but I also just want to hang out with you, but then again I just want to be alone, and I'm hungry but kind of not really so I'll just keep screaming until the thing I want whatever that is happens!!!

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  • And without even meeting their parents. Human babies have a lot to learn from turtle babies. So a message to you little humans, we love you and you're damn cute, but until you can leave home and live in the ocean for a whole year without someone changing your nappy or feeding you old people's food, you've got nothing to complain about, so just It also allows you to move it around the house easier when built, especially as it is so light to pick up.

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  • It comes with its own carry bag that you can pack everything in to. With its over-the-shoulder strap, combined with the light 7lbs of weight - it's so easy to carry.

    The feet of the cot all have small holes, so if you were to take it camping with you, you can insert a tent pent to secure it to the floor. This would also be handy if just using outside during a windy day or if you have older siblings around.

    It is amazingly light and packs away compactly in to its own carry bag which has a handle to pop over your shoulder. Those cheeks may even have their own celestial orbit. My eldest son Finn, 3, is now out of cribs but when he was 2 we really struggled to find a portacot he was comfortable in as most were too short.

    cot bed reviews 2015 Cot bed reviews 2015

    Combine the decent length with the low weight a tiny 2. I put mine together for the first time within five minutes without consulting the instructions. I found it intuitive and simple. Weightwise it's perfect for taking abroad and is light enough for another child to carry with ease.

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  • Being able to put the portacot inside a suitcase instead of it being an extra piece of luggage seems like it would make things a little be easier. Alternatively, the traveller fits on top of the suitcase with the shoulder strap slung around the suitcase handle, which would be an easy way to roll it through the airport.

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    The mattress no longer goes into a pocket — it simply sit on top of the base. The mattress in the new model now comes with a cotton cover so that your bubba has something a bit nicer to sleep on.

    It's not just a crib, it's a play pen as well that is super-easy to set-up. Tuck it under a seat in the car, shove it down the side of your suitcase, or right on top of the rest. Kids — especially babies — require so.

    Weighing in at a mere 7 pounds, this portable playpen is lighter than most newborn babies! The breathable mesh sides make this playpen airy and open — and you can easily keep an eye on your sleeping or playing babe.

    We were surprised by the hidden extras. Thanks again for all your advice and help and when I come to replace my own mattress I will definitely come back to you. And he had a point!

    Designed for kids from newborn to three, this crib is a worthwhile investment you can use again and again!



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