single cot bed Single cot bed

My DD is 24 months and ready for something bigger than her cot.

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  • Is a cot bed a waste of time? Thanks rainbow73 Participant My DD has that bed and she is 5. I am passing it on to her 2 year old sister soon but my 5 year old could easily stay in it for another year or two.

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    It just suits better. I love it and think its really cute. At 2 she was well able to get in and out herself.

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    August 18, at 1: I personally think buying a toddler bed is a waste of money. Its different if you already have a cotbed.

    single cot bed Single cot bed

    Think what are you going to do with it when your child has grown out of it? I think it is better to get them used to a single bed from day one. This is only my opinion but I would certainly think it through if I was you. I know the toddler beds are cute but think long term. August 19, at Also I am going to use this bed for my younger child and maybe more so I certainly dont think it was a waste of money for MY family.

    It depends on your perspective I guess. Our nursery at the time wasnt that big either so the toddler bed was perfect…and still is. Like I said, it depends on what you want but I certainly am getting the value out of it. She will be giving it up next year pls god as another on the way and we will put her in a full size bed. It certainly was good value for money but I wouldnt buy her a toddler bed at this stage.

    Kids adapt very quickly and I think moneywise for you it would be better value to purchase a full size bed — unless of course you think there may be use out of it in a year or two time if you decide to have another??!

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    August 19, at 2: August 19, at 3: He is now is a normal single bed hes 3. We bought a cot bed for DS2 12 weeks thinking that he would get a good few years out of it. But now that hes here and already over 2ft i dont think we will get the years out of it that we had planned and i wish now that i had got a normal single bed.

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  • I know the toddler beds are lovely but i find the kids change and they want a different theme bed. So i just buy kiddie duvet sets for DS1. August 23, at 1: August 24, at 1:



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