steel frame cot bed for dogs Steel frame cot bed for dogs

It is from a well-known company, so it is reliable. The bed comes in four different choices, so you can choose whichever size would be suitable for your hound. Features This is another marvelous option if you are looking for an elevated dog bed. Setting it up takes only a few minutes and it doesn't even require tools. In the warmer months of summer, even pooches have their requirements. They need beds that are elevated and allow the flow of air. This one allows for a satisfactory amount of airflow.

The D fabric is extremely breathable. It is also water-resistant so that it won't get damaged by even a splash of water.

Perfect to keep bugs, mildew and mold away. Thank you Chewy for this awesome product!

It keeps the pets cool as the material is air mesh. This fabric is a repellent of mold, bacteria, and mildew. It can withstand lb. The non-skid rubber feet do not slip on any surface, be it tiles or hardwood.

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The bed is raised off the ground, so the heat escapes and the airflow cools down the bed from below as well. It can be easily managed, packed, and reconstructed, so it can be taken to picnics and you can travel with it too. Since it is as easy to disassemble it as it is to assemble it, it is portable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is convenient to clean the bed, and that's another quality worth praising.

The quality is high end and worth praise. The bed comes in many sizes, from small to XXL. Also, there are four color choices available for this one. Features The best part about this elevated dog bed is that it can take repeated cleaning. Washing the fabric too many times will not damage the material at all.

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  • Now, that is an important feature considering some pooches make their beds so untidy that you need to clean the bed up consistently. The fabric is so tough and durable that it can withstand abrasion.

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  • It is also chew-proof which means that it is not destroyed by the mischievous dogs that have a habit of digging into everything. It even doesn't let the paws of the pooch tear through it; the material of the Cordura fabric is that excellent. The PVC frame is also robust and can handle up to pounds of weight. Even though plastic frames aren't recommended, this one is made of premium quality plastic.

    The bed is elevated and offers superior orthopedic support to dogs with joint problems. It is comfortable and stays cool, keeping the dog cool as well.

    We are currently the only retailer of Kuranda Cot Beds in Vancouver. Croker is rumored to have fed ex-wives and enemies to his pet, so when Smitty and Grace embark on a torrid affair…what could possibly go wrong? Supporting Local Yes, these beds are made in the USA, but you are supporting a local small business when you buy through us.

    Your pooch is going to jump onto this bed, snuggle in, and not want to get off. The bed provides premium traction that makes it convenient for the dog to get on and off it.

    steel frame cot bed for dogs Steel frame cot bed for dogs

    It's one of the best rated elevated dog beds available. This is why it is worth the bucks that you spent on it, even though it's pricey. Pros Amazing fabric that is resistant to chews, paws, repetitive washing and much more Made of high-quality plastic.



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