dark wood cot Dark wood cot
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Expand Cop Cot is one of the older structures in Central Park; it is a reproduction of one of the original wooden shelters that were common in the park in the late s. The reproduction was built in thanks to a donation by Mae and Lawrence A. This structure is the largest remaining wooden shelter — there are two others in the park.

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  • One is at the Dene and the other is at the Ramble. The structure is located on the top of a small hill for which it was named.

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    Cop Cot means "little house on the crest of the hill" in Scottish. Cop Cot is sheltered by trees and offers a shady, semiprivate spot for viewing Central Park.

    dark wood cot Dark wood cot

    Cop Cot is constructed of rustic dark wood that is reminiscent of the mountains in upstate New York. The interior benches are made of red cedar harvested locally. During construction, the natural appearance of the tree branches was preserved to enhance the location's charm.

    Built on a rock outcropping under a canopy of trees above the park's Center Drive, this location is peaceful and secluded. The structure is a rough hexagon that is light and airy, with an attractive roof made of dark wood arranged in concentric circles. The structure provides some protection from the elements and is a good lunch spot on dreary days. The gray and slate rocks at Cop Cot provide a rich contrast to the green trees and grass.

    Because of its attractive location and relative privacy, Cop Cot is a favorite wedding spot for New Yorkers. The tree canopy and sparse roof can take some of the guesswork out of outdoor wedding planning, since they do offer some protection from light rain and dreary weather.

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  • The location will host between 10 and 30 people, making it a suitable option for intimate weddings. This spot is aesthetically pleasing and requires little dressing up, but the park does permit some decorations, if desired. Spring is a traditional wedding season and the perfect time to take advantage of the blooming black locust trees that surround Cop Cot.

    Near the structure are plants like yucca and Spanish bayonet. Fall weddings offer the rich oranges, burgundies, and ochres of the changing trees.

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  • Though vehicles are not permitted into the park, the structure is close enough to the streets that the small amount of setup that is allowed usually a few folding tables and minimal decorations can be brought into the park on foot. Alcohol is not permitted anywhere in Central Park, but Cop Cot and the ground around it are suitable for a festive wedding picnic.



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